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Vitamin D-Check

The new Woman & Health vitamin D-check: health guarantee for cold seasons

Too much UV-radiation is unhealthy: the ageing process is accelerated and skin cancer becomes more likely. But the sun is not so bad after all: UVB-radiation boosts vitamin D production in the body. More often than not a strong vitamin D insufficiency is not discovered at all. Due to our place on the globe we have relatively little sun, and so all of us usually suffer from what is called a vitamin D winter. Especially nursing mothers should be aware of this, as vitamin D is essential for the future well-being of her child. A low vitamin D level in the blood can lead to the following conditions:

The new vitamin D-check at Woman & Health assists you in attaining a stable vitamin D level throughout the entire year. The check is quickly performed via a simple blood test and a deficiency is easily treated with vitamin D caps or drops.

Private medical insurance companies often cover the costs for this test.

The team at Woman & Health is glad to counsel you further.

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