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Privatklinik und Ordinationszentrum
für frauenspezifische Medizin



The female form is unique. Thus it deserves our special and undivided attention. Modern medicine is going in the direction of gender specific therapy.

The genetic and hormonal bias of women in contrast to men lead to differentiated syndromes and risks of illness in the two. Woman specific medicine takes these gender specific differences into account when it comes to diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Naturally, these differences are also important when it comes to preventive medicine.

The team at Woman & Health has set its goal to exactly that: Gender specific medicine -- approaching the female body specifically from the vantage point of female uniqueness.

Stay healthy & get well

Avoiding illnesses assures an untroubled quality of life and delays the aging process.  Gender specific differences must also be taken into account in preventive medicine. The team at Woman & Health is the first in Austria to offer individual programs of precautionary measures for women to stay in good health.

In the course of our "Gender-Specific Health-Check" interdisciplinary teams of doctors and specialists take a days time to analyse the female body from head to t

If the patient is of the age of 50 or above we will, if suggested by our GP, perform an osteoporosis- and colon-cancer screening. If so wished, we also offer diet- and lifestyle counselling, as well as nutritional- and fitness advice to round of the Gender-Specific Health-Check.

On receiving the laboratory findings the patient is immediately informed by telephone, even if no appreciable disease is found. The team at Woman & Health also automatically applies for refunds from the applicable health fund.

Woman & Health

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