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The skin is the largest and heaviest organ of the human body. Its functions range from protection against environmental influences to regulation of body temperature; it is also our first line of defence against illnesses.

Apart from that, our skin is an integral component of our outwards appearance and communication, affecting fellow men and women optically as well as on the haptic level. It is not coincidental that our skin is often called the "mirror of the soul" due to its close connection with the human psyche. According to a recent paper on "Evaluation of beauty", an immaculate skin is a major factor of beauty.

Because of its direct and often unprotected contact with the outside world, the skin is plagued by many harmful environmental influences such as ultraviolet radiation and pollution. Added to that, stress, an unhealthy diet, nicotine and alcohol have detrimental effects upon our skin. The dire consequences are a considerable increase in skin diseases.

At Woman & Health health and beauty of the skin are taken seriously. We offer a large and wholesome spectrum of treatments and therapies by combining medical and aesthetic procedures. Our patients thus are thus treated to the best possible outcome -- and receive of course, an immaculate skin.


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