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Depending on individual needs, we offer a substantial range of treatments and procedures in and around the face.

Pigmented mole

In reaction to ultraviolet light, the cells in the epidermis produce an increased amount of melanin leading to pigmented moles. These can be removed completely through the use of different laser technologies (fractional, IPL) combined with special pigment-reducing creams. To ensure a successful therapy, future avoidance of the pigment causing agent is of course essential.

Acne and acne scars

Acne is mostly due to a hormonal imbalance affecting not only teenagers in puberty, but also many adults. Treatments include but are not limited to fractional laser to reduce scars and chemical or mechanical peelings to refine the skin surface. There are many more possible treatment procedures and thus chance to treat more than one issue at the same time.


Woman & Health offers a variety of treatments to counteract undesirable wrinkles in the face: starting with a simple face-lift, the use of injections, to highly modern laser therapies, the possibilities are extensive.

In case you are interested and would like to drop by for a consultation, you can reach our friendly receptionists under +43 (0)1 5333 654 to make an appointment.


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