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Almost every woman longs for a pretty and shapely breasts. Alas often they are too large or too small for genetic reasons. Also, pregnancy, nursing and extreme weight reduction can lead to loss of fullness and form.

There exist many methods to (re-)gain the desired shape and help experience a newly found vibrant feeling for life.

Dr. Sandra Rigel can help you find what's right for you in an exhaustive consultation. There is breast augmentation, and reduction as well as breast lift, and smaller non-surgical procedures to cater each individuals' wishes and needs.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks occur due to extreme expansion of the breast over a relatively short period of time (pregnancy, weight gain). Depending on whether they are fresh (still red) or older (scarred / white), there exist different effective treatment methods including the fractional laser.

If you have any questions about the female breast, you can either direct them at one of our specialists via the form below or call our friendly receptionists under +43(0) 1 5333 654 and have an appointment scheduled.



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