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Improving the skin

Depending on age a more regular, better skin can be achieved through peelings or arm-lift.

Saggy skin, adiposis

Many factors play together in the appearance of upper-arms; increasing age often leads to a loss in elasticity of the skin as well as genetically caused increased fat deposition (adiposis).

Upper-arm-lifting reduces saggy skin along the upper-arm, but usually leaves a long scar along the side of the arm. This can be well treated through the use of fractional laser.

Lipolysis injections (fat-removal-injection) as well as liposuction are effective treatments against adiposis. Added to that special dermatological therapies help in getting a smoother, better skin.

Please click on the picture for a short film on liposuction in the upper-arm.

Hair removal

Laser-Hair-removal is an effective and rather permanent (lasts 2 years) treatment removing unwanted hair from the arm-pits as well as on the outside arm.

Excessive perspiration

1-2% of all women suffer from excessive perspiration also called hyperhidrosis. This illness can significantly reduce quality of life as the body transpires unaffectedly of outside temperature and exercise. Unbeknownst to many, this illness can be easily treated with special injections. The dysfunctional perspiratory glands are simply disabled.

Liver spots and pigmented moles

Both as well as small acne scars or general scars around the arms can be very effectively treated with a combination of special creams and fractional laser therapy.

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